Recent Reviews By Fat Pill Suppliers on The Corset Diet April 04, 2017 02:51

We recently were informed of a fat pill company, who used our Brand as an example of their Product review . (whilst we believe they have a technical glitch with posting our reply  - its awaiting moderation review) So we thought we can cover this on our own site in the meantime should anyone wish to hear more...  (This company sell fat loss products and the review is by them personally (they give away a free sample just charge postage then because you take this deal then you much agree to the fee ongoing of  $89.95+ a P & P..... ) 

Our comment (we have attempted to publish 2 times are yet to be approved and published so here it is if anyone is interested)

FROM THE CORSET DIET : (we hope you publish) 

Thank you for sharing this article about us.
Some points are absolutely correct.
Like any occasion if someone over eats, they would possibly throw up. Regardless of wearing a corset or not if someone chooses to over induldge that could cause this.
There are restrictions when wearing a corset however I think the person wearing it would see signs of it being to tight if they had trouble breathing and think sensibly that they should not therefore have that size so small. That would be down to the individual. Again if they felt the body was not coping well then they use their initiative and change the garment size.
Often people wear clothes that are to tight only 64 percent of women wear the incorrect bra size ( and perhaps this can be seen as a danger? But again it’s down to the individual to ensure it’s correct and they are comfortable or are they achieving their goals? We all know a push up bra looks much more appealing than a sports bra but then again we know their purposes are very different and also the comfort level and.. there’s no better feeling than getting the bra off at the end of the day… aarrhh bliss! Like compressions are worn by long distance runners particularly for marathons. These people train in tight leggings and tops that are skin tight to reduce movement and compress muscles they continue to wear them for 26.2 miles …. Again perhaps science or medically there are facts for and against but it’s choice of the individual if it works for them . So back to the corset, now again it is positively used to suppress over indulging as the body does feel fuller faster but like the gastric band operation this requires no surgery. There is no after care needed it can be started and stopped at anytime and it’s down to the individual persons choice.
Another factor of the corset diet alternative is there is zero toxins zero zero anything going into your body! Everyone keeps taking pills / potions to lose weight with the latest blast your guts out fat incinerator to lose the ultimate weight ever … but who knows what’s in the stuff ? O right because it says it’s all good on the labels then it’s all good? ( believe the article written is by a fat burn pill company? Clever way to critic and plug at the same time) .Hopefully but who knows every body is different. On The Corset Diet there are zero mystery pills to take so at least we know what’s going into our bodies, its only the food and water and the consumer has full control at every stage.
There’s a diet and a choice out there for everyone, the main thing is that it’s realistic it’s sensible and it’s safe. 


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