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How To Lose Weight Effectively June 11, 2014 10:39

How to lose weight effectively using the Corset Diet method.

Losing weight is not easy!  Even when you have managed to lose it, it's hard to keep off. There have many different diets that claim to be the answer to how to lose weight effectively, but they often mean you go hungry, can't eat what you like and when you stop following them the weight just comes back on. There is a new way of losing weight though, the corset diet.  This medically approved diet offers instant results and helps you keep the weight off when you have got to your ideal weight.



So in What Way Does The Corset Diet Show You How To Lose Weight Effectively?

The corset diet is incredibly simple, so simple in fact that many people cannot believe that it can work, until they try it that is! Basically it involves wearing a specially selected corset for a certain amount of time per day.  This is when you are eating and at other times if you so choose.  When you wear the attractive corset you will feel that you want to eat less.  This means you can eat what you want but  not put weight on as your stomach will not let you eat too much as it will be uncomfortable.  When you eat less you lose weight, it is that simple.  The corset is not restrictive though and wearers say it is actually very comfortable and that is the other benefit of the corset diet.  You can wear your corset every day under your clothes and it will instantly make you look slimmer and give you better posture. The corset looks very feminine and sexy so it can be worn on special occasions as well as when you follow the diet.  It is adjustable and fits perfectly to your shape. shutterstock_100832968 The corset diet has become a very popular diet amongst Hollywood celebrities who love the simplicity of it as well as the style, and they have been begging for an answer to the question of how to lose weight effectively for many years.  The difference between this diet and other fad diets is that it is medically approved.  This is because although the corset makes you feel fuller sooner and for longer, it allows you to ingest enough food for you to get your dietary requirements. It is such a simple concept yet one that has never been thought of before.    When you order your corset you provide your measurement and a specific corset will be sent to you. The initial results are instant, with the corset pulling your waist in and pushing up your cleavage, creating a to die for hour glass figure. Then over a relatively short period of time you will see your shape transform so that it retains the shape when you aren't wearing your corset. As the weight drops off you simply adjust the corset to fit perfectly and carry on with your progress.  The beautiful corset will keep its shape as it is very well made and can be worn time after time. So if you are looking at how to lose weight effectively, try the corset diet.  It really works!

Ways To Lose Weight Fast with The Corset Diet June 05, 2014 13:30

Looking For Ways To Lose Weight Fast

If you’re looking around for ways to lose weight fast, then you’ve come to the right place. People in the past have tried to lose weight by:
  • Trialling expensive diets, buying milkshakes and other supplements in a bid to lose weight. This has led to a loss in income, compared to a loss in body mass.
  • Tried to starve their bodies of food in a bid to lose weight. This is not natural and the body actually stores fat if it is hungry. Thus this method doesn't work either.
  • Used Diet Recipe Books and followed Diet Programmes such as Weightwatchers. These are very good but few people manage to stick these types of diet out and simply return to their old habits.
Although these may have worked for some people, for most others it has been an expensive or painful process to follow these type of diet techniques that have been circulating for many years. Few however, have had the impact that one particular Diet Plan has had, and that of course, is The Corset Diet.

ways to lose weight fast a beautiful black corset will help you lose weight quickly and look stylish

What Makes The Corset Diet One Of The Best Ways To Lose Weight Fast

In recent times things have changed. The more common methods have taken a back seat and a new way in which to diet has come to light. This of course, is The Corset Diet. A revolutionary new way to lose weight, by simply wearing a corset. What could be easier! The Corset Diet is simple. You wear a custom made corset that is comfortable to wear and can be used through day to day life. You put on the corset for 2-6 hours a day 5 days a week. The corset itself makes the stomach tighter whilst you are eating, making you fuller sooner without restricting your breathing. You get fuller without consuming as much food as your stomach will be still satisfied sooner, reducing the amount you eat, without stopping you getting that vital nutrition or eating your favourite foods. Being sensible with the foods you eat is still a big factor in making the diet work successfully.

So what are the results of The Corset Diet so far?

Since its introduction people who have followed the diet plan and worn their corset have found to have lost 6lbs per week on average. Confirming its current status as one of the best ways to lose weight fast. There are few other diets out there that can claim to have such a big success, especially when an exercise regime or a Healthy Recipe Book isn’t needed with The Corset Diet, all you have to do is follow the easy guide of hints and tips to help you follow the diet plan effectively. 100% of our valued customers so far have backed The Corset Diet as one of the easiest ways to lose weight fast. Doctors and Dieticians alike have also labelled this diet a huge success after conducting their own independent studies and seeing the results for themselves first hand. ways to lose weight fast the corset diet makes woman thinner

 What are the benefits of following The Corset Diet?

  • Corsets are designed and custom made for every individual, so you get the comfort and style that you deserve.
  • The design of the corset makes it flexible underneath everyday clothing, and also means you can do manual tasks without being restricted. It’s also designed to condense the size of the stomach without restricting your breathing.
  • It’s been officially backed by Doctors, Dieticians and other medical professionals. It’s also been headlined in some of Britain’s Major Newspapers and Magazines including The Sun, Cosmopolitan and The Daily Mail, to name but a few.
  • Corsets don’t only make you lose weight, women agree they make them feel sensual and confident.
So what are you waiting for! Join the thousands of other people who use The Corset Diet as one of the best ways to lose weight fast

Corsets Are More Comfortable Nowadays May 21, 2014 15:07

Corsets Have Been a Popular Fashion Choice for Centuries

Corsets have been a popular choice as a way of making women look sensational, feel feminine and a way of teasing and pleasing their partner for many many years. Some people will be put off wearing a corset as they think they may be uncomfortable, but this couldn't be further from the truth.  Although it pulls in the waist, it does not restrict your breathing and you can go about your day to day business, as well as a enjoying a night of passion. This is because corsets nowadays have been made to be comfortable, as well as flattering on the wearer. The material used is more flexible yet stronger than before, so any excess skin is now tucked into the corset is now squashed out of the garment. This new kind of fabric means breathing is not affected in any way.

Black Buttoned Corsets

What Were Corsets Used For In The Past? How Does This Compare To Today's World?

Originally corsets were used as a way of waist training and were often quite brutal!  Ladies were forced into the uncomfortable garments and the laces pulled so tight that it was incredibly uncomfortable. This was a social requirement, as that was quite simply how women were supposed to look, particularly in the Victorian age. Young girls were trained into corsets, and the thinner the waist the better.  Over the 20th century, corsets were developed to follow fashion, including white, unattractive corsets that flattened the bust and gave a woman a straight up and down look. Fortunately those days have passed and the modern corset has gone from strength to strength. With smooth curves more popular than ever, today's corsets are beautiful to look at a well as functional.

A Corset Is A Popular Fashion Item For A Dominatrix

Wearing a corset has also been popular with dominatrix's for many years, these are more restrictive than the ones generally available as they are usually made from leather or other strong material. They are often seen as an item of power and control over the male and a lot of couples use them to spice up their love life.

white corsets model

Mainstream Corsets Are Guiding The Way

More mainstream  corsets can be found in high street stores and online.  These are available in a fantastic range of colours and fabrics.  They look great as a top with jeans or under clothes, giving you a smooth appearance under whatever you are wearing as well as pulling your waist in and pushing up your cleavage. Due to their comfort you can wear the corset every day, indeed many people are doing this as they say it make them feel more confident and attractive. The better quality corsets also keep their shape as before they would mould into the ripple of extra flesh that develop when one sits down. Fortunately this problem has been addressed and most corsets nowadays are able to keep their shape and be worn again and again.

Wear Your Corset For A Night of Passion

When the clothes come off though, the corset can stay on and offer a couple a wonderful night of passion. When worn with a thong and stockings, not many men wouldn't be able to resist the women wearing them! You can check out alternatives here