Best Exercise To Lose Weight

We all know that to lose weight you need to eat less and do more exercise.  But which are the best foods to eat and what is the best exercise to lose weight? Most of our weight loss comes through the food we eat.  It is often quoted that the battle with weight loss is won or lost in the kitchen and this is very true.  It may surprise you that you can eat a lot of food and still lose weight as long as you stick to the correct types of food.  Broccoli for example is a dieters dream as it is good for you and fills you up too. Porridge is good, as long as you don’t eat too much and don’t add sugar or maple syrup! Foods to avoid are bread, pasta, fried food and sweets.  This sounds grim doesn’t it?  Everyone loves those foods and would miss them if they were cut out of their diet. Surely there must be a better way?

Struggling to find the best exercise to lose weight?

So What Exactly is the Best Exercise To Lose Weight

For exercise it is good to do a mix of cardio work and weight training to tone muscles and burn fat.  The range of exercises is incredible, from boxercise to pilates, there is no one best exercise to lose weight but a combination of high intensity cardio work and lifting some weight will give you good results.  This of course requires dedication and an ability to work through pain and sweat. Exercise routines also cut into your free time.  You need to prepare your kit, go to the gym, get changed, do the exercises whilst trying not to get bored of doing the same old things, get showered, dry and straighten hair and get dressed before setting off for home again and sticking your gym kit in the wash. There has got to be an alternative surely? Well there is! The corset diet means you don’t have to exercise and you don’t have to cut out the lovely foods you want to eat.  Doctors and nutritionists have approved this diet and Hollywood Celebrities have jumped on the band wagon too.

How Does The Corset Diet Work?

The corset diet is very simple.  You just buy a specific corset according to your size and desired size and wear it for a certain amount of hours each day.  More specifically you should wear the corset when you are eating as the secret of the diet is how it controls your stomach so that you can’t eat too much.  Sort of like a non surgical gastric band! When you put the corset on you immediately get that hour glass figure and it just gets better and better as the weight falls off.

It isn’t a fad diet, doesn’t need you to spend hours counting calories or going to the gym, it is a simple way of cutting down what you eat to lose weight.  You don’t even need to exercise when using the corset as it leave you with a beautiful curved waist even when you take it off.  So for those who don’t want to diet and exercise and still lose weight, The Corset diet could be the perfect solution and it is approved by Dieticians and Doctors as being the single best exercise to lose weight.