FAQ- Frequently asked questions

Q- How do I measure my waist?

A- You measure the smallest part of your waist above your belly button and below your breast line.

Q- Where do you ship to?

A- We ship  worldwide completely free and fully tracked

Q- What size should I order?

A- Once you have measured your waist you simply need to match it the size chart below each product and that will be the correct size to order

Q- What if it doesn’t fit?

A- If your corset does not fit we will exchange the item for free

Q- Can I track my order?

A- You will be send an online tracking number at the time of your order being shipped

Q- How long will it take to receive my corset?

A- Our standard corsets are usually shipped the same day before 3pm and are usually delivered with in 2-3 working days

Q- Why can’t I just wear a normal corset or a corset from another website?

A- Our corsets are specially made for weight loss normal corset are not designed to do this and WILL NOT give you results


Where did this come from?

In January 2008 we watched a Channel 4 Series. The diets that time forgot. It involved 3 pairs of people looking to lose weight and whether diets from the past could produce results in today’s world. The three pairs used diets from 1920’s 1900’s and 1890’s. The series followed the diets and used lots of regimes from the past. As a supplier of Victorian corsets we were interested to know if the weight loss was a result of the intake of a different food level and exercise routine or the actual clothing they had worn. We knew brides had worn corsets to keep their weight and waist size at a certain level before a wedding i.e. from final fitting to actual wedding day and we were keen to know if corsets could be used as a weight loss tool.

The frustration of a diet

Most dieters need to reduce intake of Carbs, calories and or reduce intake of, well just about everything. All diets take a huge amount of will power and more importantly take a great length of time to produce results. Snacking and binge eaters are well aware, no matter how strong your will power is, the desire to eat will always get you in the end. The time taken to produce results on a normal diet is not only frustrating but that frustration takes most back to eating as a comfort. A vicious circle.

The trial

We contacted the Obesity forum and carried out a sample test of four ladies. They would all to wear corsets for 6 weeks. If they lost inches off their waist we would replace the corset with a smaller one, all free of charge for the length of the 6 weeks.

How does it work?

As you may have guessed it involves wearing a corset. Not a tight laced waist squeezing breath catching corset. We can supply a special fitted corset aiming to reduce your waist immediately by 2 inches. The pleasant hugging sensation rewards the wearer not only with an improved figure but also posture. However, that is not where the corset diet really benefits the wearer. A smaller waist instantly may be enough for many, but reduction of the waist in turn leads to the reduction of the internal volume of the stomach. This is turn can lead to lost of weight. The wearer no longer craves the feeling of a full stomach as the pressure of the corset literally leaves you with a contented feeling on the eating of a smaller adequate meal. The volume of food eaten during the day is reduced and thus the absorption of food into the body. The corset can be put on when the cravings arrive or worn as an everyday item of underwear throughout the day or evening. It is not recommended to sleep in the corset or wear for more than 8 hours at any time. The corset should not be too tight and should provide a gentle hugging feeling.

How many other diets give and instant effect and also provide a vision of the waist you have always wanted.

The results

Many dieters reach a level where they just cannot get past, 10 or 12 lbs away from their target weight. In this situation the corset diet provides an ideal solution. Reward for all that hard work is a great figure and great posture. Our corsets start from £55/$90 with free shipping and for that you get a corset that will please and delight. An item of underwear you can use again and again.

I believe this is a brilliant way to get weight loss to the nation. Many ladies have lost over 6LBS per week for a period on 2 months or longer.

Maybe now is time to have another look at The corset diet. Gastric bands require surgery and not suitable for all and very very expensive

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