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We have been approved by doctors and dieticians, The Corset Diet comes with The Corset Diet plan and tips on how to get the best results including putting your corset on by your self and wearing it under clothes.

Our Corsets are custom made to order for each individual to achieve the best possible results in a fast and safe way with no side effects

How would you like to look instantly slimmer, then lose weight quickly within weeks?


With the Corset Diet you can do, and you don’t have to go on a strict diet and harsh exercise regime to do it. The Corset Diet plan is undoubtedly one of the easiest ways to lose weight. With our specially made waist training corsets that are Approved by doctors and nutritionists it is so simple and healthy that you will wish you had tried it years ago. Unbelievably you can lose up to 6lbs per week with the average being between four and six and you won’t feel hungry doing it.

the corset diet weight loss guarantee

No one will say that they enjoy dieting and keeping the weight off can sometimes be even harder. Cutting out certain foods or drinking shakes may see like you are doing the right thing but this isn’t going to satisfy your hunger pangs or your body’s needs. Most people put on excess weight on by binge eating or snacking. They don’t eat because they are hungry but because they are eating for comfort. Following a reduced calorie diet can make you feel irritable as well as take up too much time and effort counting calories for everything you eat. With the Corset diet, this isn’t the case, you will lose weight by simply wearing the specially designed corset. It really is this simple!

The corset diet DR oz

Of course there have been many diets over the years so why should you think this will work when the others have fail. Well this is because of the simplicity of the diets you simply wear the corset between two and six hours a day, five days a week. The corset is worn before and during meals. This means that the amount of food you consume will fill your stomach more quickly and you will eat less. Most people eat portion sizes that are far too big as well as the wrong types of food. We don’t need big portions, our stomachs aren’t designed to eat so much food. This corset means that whatever you eat, you won’t be able to eat that much of it. Almost like a non-surgical gastric band. As long as you eat a varied diet you will be able to eat healthily, eat the correct amount of food and not feel deprived in any way, the corset will just not allow it!

Lose 5 pounds a week

Another incredible benefit to the corset diet is not just the rapid weight loss but the change in your shape. After a short period of time followers of this diet notice that by wearing these specially designed waist training corsets that they have lost inches off their waists and stomach, giving them a beautiful hourglass shape


Does the corset diet work? The Daily Mail recently published the success of the corset diet, proving how people who have worn them have lost weight, gained a great waist and have felt feminine, sensual and with much improved posture. We offer a wide range of corsets to choose from, there is something for everyone but we also offer a tailor made service as comfort is very important during your time on The Corset Diet. In fact wearers have said how easy the corset is to wear and how good they looked and felt in it. It gives you an instant lift whilst letting you eat less, feeling fuller sooner and for longer.

the corset diet waist training corsets on tv

Our Corsets have a large amount of adjustment so there is no need to buy more than one! They DO NOT restrict oxygen and are not undersized! The Corsets are designed to be as comfortable as possible and allow movement and air, leaving you free to go about all your usual daily tasks with absolutely no feeling of being constricted.




If you want to lose weight quickly but safely then try the Corset Diet. Approved by doctors and dieticians, it will not constrict your movements but will feel very comfortable indeed. It will give you an instant lift, improve your posture, give you a great shape and help you change your eating habits for ever. With our money back guarantee you really have nothing to lose so what are you waiting for? Order your specially designed corset today and be slimmer in a matter of weeks.