Dianne - I started The Corset Diet in June 2013 and was a little bit skeptical however as they offered a money back guarantee I though ‘there’s nothing to lose’. When I received my beautiful corset I put it on and instantly felt amazing! I lost around 4LBS per week and absolutely loved the experience.

The corset was comfortable and subtle under my clothes, people were complimenting me daily and the results were just unbelievable. I have lost a total of 4 stone on The Corset Diet and I worked it out as cheaper than most other diets because I only needed 1 corset.

I have seen adverts that say “you COULD lose up to 2LBS per week at a cost of over £40.00 per week. But The Corset Diet promises a minimum of 2LBS per week and if you don’t lose that you can get your money back!

I barely changed my daily routine but found myself eating less and thinking more about what I was eating.

I can’t recommend this diet enough!!! Just try it and see the results you feel thinner instantly and can see the weight just drop off!

  • Total weight loss- 4 stone (56LBS)
  • Average weight loss- 4LBS per week
  • Time on The Corset Diet- 14 weeks


Caroline (above) Lost over 2 Stone and has been fettered in the Daily Mail, she was on the Corset Diet for a short period of time and the weight has stayed off, she says “Wearing the corset made me finally look how I wanted to and I feel amazing



Amber (above) Lost over 4 stone during her time on The Corset Diet and says she loved every minute of it!


Claire - I started the corset diet in April 2013, the results were unbelievable! In my first week I lost 8 pounds and I lost a further 6 in my second week. I did not change my diet at all. The corset made me feel fuller quicker and helped with my posture and composure. I cannot recommend this diet enough! It shows fast results and the weight has stayed off! Thanks so much for everything.

Christine - The Corset Diet is amazing, I was already a fan of corsets and using this plan I saw very quick long lasting results. The corset is stunning and gave me enough comfort to move and do my normal day to day things. I lost 6lbs in week 1 and continued to lose around 4lbs per week. Try it! - it’s the only thing that has worked well for me.

Lindy - Lost 2 stone (28LBS) in 3 months on The Corset Diet

Amber - Lost 4 stone (56LBS) in 8 Months on The Corset Diet

Jessica - Lost 1 stone 5LBS (19LBS) in 6 weeks on The Corset Diet

Emily - Lost 6 Stone (84LBS) in 1 year on The Corset Diet

Jenny- “I LOVE this diet I have lost so much weight and feel so sexy doing it, i get so many compliments from my friends and colleagues and its the most fun I’ve had on a diet (and I have done them all!) The weight loss is fast and noticeable, the corset is comfortable and feels light and cool. I do not get hot while wearing it and it is extremely hard to tell that I am wearing it under my clothes. So worth doing and incredibly cheap. Unlike other diets where they appear cheap but end up being very expensive over time. I have lost over 30LBS and only spent $95 TOTAL”