Corsets Have Been a Popular Fashion Choice for Centuries

Corsets have been a popular choice as a way of making women look sensational, feel feminine and a way of teasing and pleasing their partner for many many years. Some people will be put off wearing a corset as they think they may be uncomfortable, but this couldn’t be further from the truth.  Although it pulls in the waist, it does not restrict your breathing and you can go about your day to day business, as well as a enjoying a night of passion.

This is because corsets nowadays have been made to be comfortable, as well as flattering on the wearer. The material used is more flexible yet stronger than before, so any excess skin is now tucked into the corset is now squashed out of the garment. This new kind of fabric means breathing is not affected in any way.

What Were Corsets Used For In The Past? How Does This Compare To Today’s World?

Originally corsets were used as a way of waist training and were often quite brutal!  Ladies were forced into the uncomfortable garments and the laces pulled so tight that it was incredibly uncomfortable. This was a social requirement, as that was quite simply how women were supposed to look, particularly in the Victorian age. Young girls were trained into corsets, and the thinner the waist the better.  Over the 20th century, corsets were developed to follow fashion, including white, unattractive corsets that flattened the bust and gave a woman a straight up and down look. Fortunately those days have passed and the modern corset has gone from strength to strength. With smooth curves more popular than ever, today’s corsets are beautiful to look at a well as functional.

A Corset Is A Popular Fashion Item For A Dominatrix

Wearing a corset has also been popular with dominatrix’s for many years, these are more restrictive than the ones generally available as they are usually made from leather or other strong material. They are often seen as an item of power and control over the male and a lot of couples use them to spice up their love life.

Mainstream Corsets Are Guiding The Way

More mainstream  corsets can be found in high street stores and online.  These are available in a fantastic range of colours and fabrics.  They look great as a top with jeans or under clothes, giving you a smooth appearance under whatever you are wearing as well as pulling your waist in and pushing up your cleavage.

Due to their comfort you can wear the corset every day, indeed many people are doing this as they say it make them feel more confident and attractive. The better quality corsets also keep their shape as before they would mould into the ripple of extra flesh that develop when one sits down. Fortunately this problem has been addressed and most corsets nowadays are able to keep their shape and be worn again and again.

Wear Your Corset For A Night of Passion

When the clothes come off though, the corset can stay on and offer a couple a wonderful night of passion. When worn with a thong and stockings, not many men wouldn’t be able to resist the women wearing them!