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Waist Training Corsets by The Corset Diet

Approved by doctors and nutritionists, waist training corsets will make you look thinner instantly, in addition to helping your determination to shed several pound per week, without having to go on a strict diet or harsh exercise regime.

Corsets to make the wearer’s waist look smaller have been around since Roman times and were particularly popular in the Victorian era, but they faded from the limelight after a few decades. Thanks to celebrities like the Kardashian sisters, Beyoncé and Jessica Alba raving about the corset diet on social media, waist training corsets are now making a big comeback.

What is a waist training corset?


waist training corsets fittingThink of waist training corsets as an external gastric band, or spanx on steroids! Although you should still eat healthy and balanced meals, wearing a corset means you don’t have to undertake a harsh diet plan, due to the fact that the gentle tightness of the corset will stop your stomach from expanding, meaning that the stomach will feel full more quickly, thereby reducing your portion sizes.

Not every corset will help you reduce your waist and weight. While cheap, plastic boned corsets are acceptable for lingerie and fashion corset tops, they will break and bend out of shape in a short period of time. Hence why steel boned waist training corsets are the only acceptable corsets to reduce your waist. The steel boning in corsets will bend with your body, helping to reshape and modify your waist.




How to use waist training corsets

a new life chapter using waist training corsetsFor some people, a mention of the word ‘corset’ will immediately lead to over exaggerated visions of women laced up so tightly that they can barely breathe! Do not fear, that is NOT the way to wear training corsets; your corset should “hug” your waist without feeling restrictive. But be aware… you may just take peoples breath away whilst wearing yours! If you’re just starting out with waist training you must go slow, to get your body used to the corset. It is recommended that you only wear a corset for an hour or two a day, until it is ‘seasoned’. ‘Seasoning’ a corset simply means wearing it in so the corset feels comfortable and less tight – similarly to how you would wear in a pair of new shoes, so that they don’t rub your feet! After the corset is seasoned, you can start wearing it for another hour or two a day and steadily build your way up. Failing to season a corset could lead to serious injuries. Even an experienced corset wearer should never wear their corset for more than 8 hours per day.


Do waist training corsets work?

If used properly, waist training corsets can strengthen your core and improve your posture, and as soon as you put it on your waist will instantly look slimmer. First time wearers of waist training corsets commonly feedback that the corset improved their confidence because it gives them a better posture and slimmer tum.

Like any exercise, waist training is gradual work, you shouldn’t expect to see results on day one. But don’t let that discourage you, waist training corsets do work. The corset keeps the wearer warm so that they sweat. Yes, sweat. But don’t be put off by the extra perspiration… it’s a good thing! By warming your body up, the corset will rid you of harsh toxins and impurities, effectively helping to detox your entire system! However, don’t forget to keep your body happily hydrated so that it can cope with the extra loss of water.

The gentle compression on your stomach whilst wearing the corset will encourage you to eat little and often, rather than having three big meals a day.

To achieve permanent waist-reduction with a corset it is important not only to wear the corset, but to also eat healthily and exercise regularly. Doing so will achieve results much quicker than if you simply wear the corset alone.


Dangers of corset waist training

lace fitted corsetIf you wear waist training corsets correctly and season it properly when you start using it, corset waist training is a safe and healthy way to lose weight and achieve much sought after hourglass figure. Wearing a tight fitting undergarment will mean that chafing is a real possibility, especially if you wear the corset for several hours a day. However, chafing is usually caused by ill fitted, cheap corsets. An easy way of preventing it is to make sure that your corset is a first-rate steel boned corset, which fits you properly.Also, ensure that your skin is clean, dry and moisturised before putting your corset on. If worn too tight or for more than 8 hours per day waist training corsets can cause discomfort and pain. This is easily fixed by loosening your corset or taking a break from wearing it. Some people attempt to lace their corsets too tightly, attempting to gain a tiny waist, as small as possible! This can cause serious injuries, which is why it is important to wear your corset in the correct manner. Remember, corsets worn correctly can increase confidence and help you lose weight easily.


Choosing the right corset for you

To find the right corset for your body, you need to find the narrowest point of your waist and measure it. Don’t rely on the size of your dresses. To get any waist training benefits, you should buy a corset that measures approximately 4 inches less than your natural waist. Say, for example, your waist measures 30 inches, you should get a 26 inch corset.

The type and style of corset you buy will depend on what you intend to use it for. The best waist training corsets are made to order so that you know they will fit your body perfectly, however, if you are just starting out with waist training an off-the-shelf steel bone corset will help you find out how a corset feels before committing to a custom made one.

If you are looking for a corset you can wear under your usual clothes and in the warm summer months you should consider the ultra slim discreet underbust corset. The subtle lace detailing and neutral colour will easily blend in with any other clothes you wear. With the triple hook and eye at the front and nothing on the rear, it’s obviously the perfect corset for women to use independently because no one needs to tighten it for you!

Our waist training corsets have a large amount of adjustment and are not undersized, therefore they do not restrict oxygen intake. The corsets are designed to be comfortable enough to let you go about your daily tasks without feeling constricted.

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