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8 simple ways the corset diet can help you lose weight:


October 12, 2015 13:38

Control your portion sizes

The first simple way that the corset diet can help you lose weight is controlling your portion sizes, this is one of the easiest ways to gain weight or to stop your weight loss. Portion control can be extremely difficult to tackle however with the corset diet you will feel more in control and aware of how much you are eating.


Engage your abdominal muscles

Wearing a waist training corset from the corset diet helps engage your abdominal muscles naturally. Which consequently helps with your posture and great for if you are wearing your corset to the gym and to work out. 


Makes your more conscious about how you feel and what you choose to eat

As you start to look and feel great you are much more aware of what you are eating, Making conscious decisions rather than just picking or eating whatever you can see is a brilliant way of developing a good relationship with food.


Gives you a slimmer figure helping you envision your weight loss

A huge part of any diet is how you feel and as you start to look great in your corset then you will start to want this naturally and be much more motivated ti reach your goals and live a healthy life style.


Makes you drink more water 

Naturally you will want to drink more water and you will need to while doing any diet, drinking more water helps get rid of water weight (retention), many people lose a good few lbs in their first week of dieting due to drinking water however they often stop drinking the correct amount of water after a few days. The corset diet can help you keep up with your water levels.


Stops excess fat being absorbed into your body

The corset diet can help excess fat in the food you eat being absorbed and promote that fat to pass through you leading to weight loss and much less fat in your diet.


Helps you get past the fighting of will power

Wearing a corset from the corset diet can help you get past will power as you are not restricted in what you eat and you will naturally be doing many of the above which will all help push you past your will power.


Gives you confidence

Confidence is EVERYTHING, if you feel good you will look good. Whatever size you are. Start getting those compliments and looks and you will start to feel confident again in yourself. With anything in life it is important that you feel happy and confident!

Waist training corsets myths and truths April 04, 2015 14:05

Waist Training Corsets Myths and Truths

Waist training corsets fitting onto client Waist training has been used for years all over the world as a viable method for shaping the body or/and losing weight, there have been many types of similarly used techniques in dieting over the recent years such as body wraps. Waist training is actually much more simple that many people would have you believe, I have heard people say that it can move your organs around and that it is dangerous (with absolutely no proof). Well like anything in the world it is about how you use it. Yes I'm sure that if you wore a waist training corset that was very strong and had little flexibility for many hours a day and night extremely tight then most likely you would cause damage to your body over years. If you ate carrots all day every day you would probably turn orange!.. Healthy things are healthy in moderation as part of diet and exercise. But that is not what waist training is about, waist training should be used to aid in creating a beautiful pear shaped body a flat a tones stomach and tightening the skin. Here are some facts about corsets that are not so known;
  • Wearing a corset engages the abdominal muscles causing a stronger core and more toned muscles,
  • Waist training corsets can be made using steel, spiralled steel or whale bone, It is important that these materials are used. Many corsets are made with plastic boning. This will do nothing apart from look ‘pretty’.
  • The first evidence of a corset was in 2000BC!… Hardly a fad is it?

Why is a corset different to wearing SPANX or body wraps for waist training?

Waist training corsets tied and fittedDon't get me wrong I love SPANX and often wear mine, however it is not for weight loss it is just for holding everything in and giving a smoother body shape. Body wraps work in a similar way to waist training and The Corset Diet however it is temporary, you can loose a good few inches however this is only for a day or so. Great for the christmas party or a special date but other than that a fairly expensive way of getting into a dress or looking good for a few hours. The corsets assist your body in changing its shape and as your muscles will be engaged, it is also toning your stomach and helping shift that stubborn fat from the mid section. Many people have started working out in corsets (including me) I love it, its a great way to really emphasise that shape, the slim waist and wider hips. Simply put the corset will give a permanent solution rather just a temporary one. There are many mixed views on waist training and the corset diet. A lot of this stems from people seeing victorian style TV shows or films where the woman is being (rather painfully looking) forced into a corset to the point of torture.. Let me be clear this is not how it is at all! Other opinions are that it is dangerous for the body but providing you get a corset that is made to be safe and used regularly (like the ones at thecorsetdiet.com) then there is nothing to worry about, they are essentially a stronger version of spandex slimming clothing just designed with shaping capability that cause weight loss. Thats why we have ours approved by doctors and dieticians.. and like any diet it works so much better as part of a healthy diet and exercise.

Best Exercise To Lose Weight June 23, 2014 14:58

Best Exercise To Lose Weight

We all know that to lose weight you need to eat less and do more exercise.  But which are the best foods to eat and what is the best exercise to lose weight? Most of our weight loss comes through the food we eat.  It is often quoted that the battle with weight loss is won or lost in the kitchen and this is very true.  It may surprise you that you can eat a lot of food and still lose weight as long as you stick to the correct types of food.  Broccoli for example is a dieters dream as it is good for you and fills you up too. Porridge is good, as long as you don't eat too much and don't add sugar or maple syrup! Foods to avoid are bread, pasta, fried food and sweets.  This sounds grim doesn't it?  Everyone loves those foods and would miss them if they were cut out of their diet. Surely there must be a better way? struggling to find the best exercise to lose weight

Struggling to find the best exercise to lose weight?

So What Exactly is the Best Exercise To Lose Weight

For exercise it is good to do a mix of cardio work and weight training to tone muscles and burn fat.  The range of exercises is incredible, from boxercise to pilates, there is no one best exercise to lose weight but a combination of high intensity cardio work and lifting some weight will give you good results.  This of course requires dedication and an ability to work through pain and sweat. Exercise routines also cut into your free time.  You need to prepare your kit, go to the gym, get changed, do the exercises whilst trying not to get bored of doing the same old things, get showered, dry and straighten hair and get dressed before setting off for home again and sticking your gym kit in the wash. There has got to be an alternative surely? Well there is! The corset diet means you don't have to exercise and you don't have to cut out the lovely foods you want to eat.  Doctors and nutritionists have approved this diet and Hollywood Celebrities have jumped on the band wagon too.

How Does The Corset Diet Work?

The corset diet is very simple.  You just buy a specific corset according to your size and desired size and wear it for a certain amount of hours each day.  More specifically you should wear the corset when you are eating as the secret of the diet is how it controls your stomach so that you can't eat too much.  Sort of like a non surgical gastric band! When you put the corset on you immediately get that hour glass figure and it just gets better and better as the weight falls off.

white corsets model dressed up proving corset diet is the best exercise to lose weight

It isn't a fad diet, doesn't need you to spend hours counting calories or going to the gym, it is a simple way of cutting down what you eat to lose weight.  You don't even need to exercise when using the corset as it leave you with a beautiful curved waist even when you take it off.  So for those who don't want to diet and exercise and still lose weight, The Corset diet could be the perfect solution and it is approved by Dieticians and Doctors as being the single best exercise to lose weight.

Calorie Intake To Lose Weight June 16, 2014 13:45

Calorie Intake To Lose Weight: No Sweat With The Corset Diet

Everyone knows what a difficult thing it can be to lose weight, the calorie intake to lose weight is well below what we would like to ingest.  Eating lettuce leaves and spending hour on the treadmill isn't everyone's idea of having a good time but a new way of losing weight called "the corset diet" can help you shed those pounds without starving and without spending hour in the gym. calorie intake to lose weight white corset for corset diet

How does the diet work?

Very simply the dieter buys a specific corset, specially designed for their shape and weight loss goals.  The corset is great quality and adjustable, works immediately to make the wearer look slimmer and reshapes the body.  By wearing the corset for a set amount of hours each day, especially when you are eating, you will feel fuller for longer and eat less when you do eat.  This is because the corset restrict the stomach which may sound painful but it isn't!  People who follow the corset diet say that it is incredibly comfortable and some wear it up to 16 hours a day! The corset can be worn under clothes, giving you a great hour glass shape and also when you have achieved your ideal weight, it can be worn time and time again as a fashion item or underwear for a night of passion!

How did the diet come about?

Corset have been worn for centuries, dating back to Roman times. They have served different purposes over the year but primarily have been worn to improve the silhouette and posture. A slim waist has long been seen as a sign of beauty and women have put themselves in great pain to achieve this look but wouldn't it be better to be slim and be able to wear a corset with comfort? Although it is very tight it is made to fit and to be worn for long periods of time so bears no resemblance to the internal organ squashing of the Victorian corset! The wearer describe that the calorie intake to lose weight is achieved because they simply don't feel hungry and when they do eat they don't eat much because the corset make it uncomfortable to do so.  After a very short period of time, corset wearer see that their waist has taken on a new curved look and the fat just gets squeezed away. You don't even need to do vigorous exercise when wearing the corset, in fact it wouldn't be recommended, yet you still lose weight!

calorie intake to lose weight woman loses lots of excess weight

Many Hollywood celebrities are following the Corset diet and swear by its effectiveness. It takes the hard work out of managing the calorie intake needed to lose weight, takes away the hunger pangs and offers  immediate effects by pulling in the waist and pushing up the cleavage. The diet can be followed for as long as the dieter chooses as dieticians have found no problems with the diet as you can get all the vitamins and nutrient needed when you eat wearing the corset.  For quick results, give the Corset diet a try.

is it time you reduced your calorie intake to lose weight big red button

How To Lose Weight Effectively June 11, 2014 10:39

How to lose weight effectively using the Corset Diet method.

Losing weight is not easy!  Even when you have managed to lose it, it's hard to keep off. There have many different diets that claim to be the answer to how to lose weight effectively, but they often mean you go hungry, can't eat what you like and when you stop following them the weight just comes back on. There is a new way of losing weight though, the corset diet.  This medically approved diet offers instant results and helps you keep the weight off when you have got to your ideal weight.



So in What Way Does The Corset Diet Show You How To Lose Weight Effectively?

The corset diet is incredibly simple, so simple in fact that many people cannot believe that it can work, until they try it that is! Basically it involves wearing a specially selected corset for a certain amount of time per day.  This is when you are eating and at other times if you so choose.  When you wear the attractive corset you will feel that you want to eat less.  This means you can eat what you want but  not put weight on as your stomach will not let you eat too much as it will be uncomfortable.  When you eat less you lose weight, it is that simple.  The corset is not restrictive though and wearers say it is actually very comfortable and that is the other benefit of the corset diet.  You can wear your corset every day under your clothes and it will instantly make you look slimmer and give you better posture. The corset looks very feminine and sexy so it can be worn on special occasions as well as when you follow the diet.  It is adjustable and fits perfectly to your shape. shutterstock_100832968 The corset diet has become a very popular diet amongst Hollywood celebrities who love the simplicity of it as well as the style, and they have been begging for an answer to the question of how to lose weight effectively for many years.  The difference between this diet and other fad diets is that it is medically approved.  This is because although the corset makes you feel fuller sooner and for longer, it allows you to ingest enough food for you to get your dietary requirements. It is such a simple concept yet one that has never been thought of before.    When you order your corset you provide your measurement and a specific corset will be sent to you. The initial results are instant, with the corset pulling your waist in and pushing up your cleavage, creating a to die for hour glass figure. Then over a relatively short period of time you will see your shape transform so that it retains the shape when you aren't wearing your corset. As the weight drops off you simply adjust the corset to fit perfectly and carry on with your progress.  The beautiful corset will keep its shape as it is very well made and can be worn time after time. So if you are looking at how to lose weight effectively, try the corset diet.  It really works!

Ways To Lose Weight Fast with The Corset Diet June 05, 2014 13:30

Looking For Ways To Lose Weight Fast

If you’re looking around for ways to lose weight fast, then you’ve come to the right place. People in the past have tried to lose weight by:
  • Trialling expensive diets, buying milkshakes and other supplements in a bid to lose weight. This has led to a loss in income, compared to a loss in body mass.
  • Tried to starve their bodies of food in a bid to lose weight. This is not natural and the body actually stores fat if it is hungry. Thus this method doesn't work either.
  • Used Diet Recipe Books and followed Diet Programmes such as Weightwatchers. These are very good but few people manage to stick these types of diet out and simply return to their old habits.
Although these may have worked for some people, for most others it has been an expensive or painful process to follow these type of diet techniques that have been circulating for many years. Few however, have had the impact that one particular Diet Plan has had, and that of course, is The Corset Diet.

ways to lose weight fast a beautiful black corset will help you lose weight quickly and look stylish

What Makes The Corset Diet One Of The Best Ways To Lose Weight Fast

In recent times things have changed. The more common methods have taken a back seat and a new way in which to diet has come to light. This of course, is The Corset Diet. A revolutionary new way to lose weight, by simply wearing a corset. What could be easier! The Corset Diet is simple. You wear a custom made corset that is comfortable to wear and can be used through day to day life. You put on the corset for 2-6 hours a day 5 days a week. The corset itself makes the stomach tighter whilst you are eating, making you fuller sooner without restricting your breathing. You get fuller without consuming as much food as your stomach will be still satisfied sooner, reducing the amount you eat, without stopping you getting that vital nutrition or eating your favourite foods. Being sensible with the foods you eat is still a big factor in making the diet work successfully.

So what are the results of The Corset Diet so far?

Since its introduction people who have followed the diet plan and worn their corset have found to have lost 6lbs per week on average. Confirming its current status as one of the best ways to lose weight fast. There are few other diets out there that can claim to have such a big success, especially when an exercise regime or a Healthy Recipe Book isn’t needed with The Corset Diet, all you have to do is follow the easy guide of hints and tips to help you follow the diet plan effectively. 100% of our valued customers so far have backed The Corset Diet as one of the easiest ways to lose weight fast. Doctors and Dieticians alike have also labelled this diet a huge success after conducting their own independent studies and seeing the results for themselves first hand. ways to lose weight fast the corset diet makes woman thinner

 What are the benefits of following The Corset Diet?

  • Corsets are designed and custom made for every individual, so you get the comfort and style that you deserve.
  • The design of the corset makes it flexible underneath everyday clothing, and also means you can do manual tasks without being restricted. It’s also designed to condense the size of the stomach without restricting your breathing.
  • It’s been officially backed by Doctors, Dieticians and other medical professionals. It’s also been headlined in some of Britain’s Major Newspapers and Magazines including The Sun, Cosmopolitan and The Daily Mail, to name but a few.
  • Corsets don’t only make you lose weight, women agree they make them feel sensual and confident.
So what are you waiting for! Join the thousands of other people who use The Corset Diet as one of the best ways to lose weight fast

The Corset Diet and The Wonderful Corsets Available May 30, 2014 10:02

The Corset Diet and the Wonderful Corsets Available for Followers

If you decide that you want to lose weight in a very quick but safe way then why not try The Corset Diet? The diet is approved by both doctors and dieticians, as it will not restrict your movements but will actually feel very comfortable when worn. It will not only give you an instant slimming look, improve your posture, give you a great hour glass shape, but will help you change your eating habits for the rest of your life. The Corset Diet will give you a specially designed corset, a guide on how to use it and what to eat.  The diet will get you great results and you can keep the special made and adjustable corset after the weight has come off. So what types of corsets are available?

steel boned red corset the corset diet

Which Out of Our Range of Corsets is The Most Popular?

One of the most popular corsets include the ultra slim, discreet under best corset. This black corset fits under the bust, meaning no squashed boobs! It is made from durable and incredibly strong elasticated mesh and has a lacy front.  To close the corset there is a double hook and eye which is at the front of the corset making it so easy to put on. Because it is light you can wear it anytime, anywhere.  People who have bought this corset have lost up to six pounds per week, with a minimum of two pounds. When you order the corset look at the guide which states what measurement you will achieve with the corset when bought for your actual waist size.  You will be amazed at how many inches you will lose instantly. Reviewers have given it an resounding thumbs up with most users giving it five out of five stars. It has been described as "stunning", "incredibly comfortable" and "effective in losing a lot of weight." This is such a popular corset as it offers great value for money, comfort and effectiveness.

Steel Boned Corsets for More Heavy Duty Wear

For a more heavy duty corset, the dark purple steel reversibly under bust waist corset will not let you down!  This corset fits under the bust and is ideal for the short and medium torso. The essential element in this corset is the 20 spiral steel bones which are distributed all around the corset as well as four flat steel bones at the back of the corset.  The corset can be adjusted to fit your shape perfectly thanks to the eight metre long lace.  Strong panels using specific fabrics will keep you in shape and keep the corset in perfect condition for a long, long time. The benefit of the steel boned corset is that it keeps you slim even when you sit down as it doesn't allow any unsightly bulges.  Although more expensive than the slim corset, it is built to last and you will get a lot of use out of the corset even after your diet has ended. the corset diet black buttoned corset

What are you waiting for start today!

So you have seen two examples of corsets - both offer amazing value for money and can be worn after the diet has ended.  Remember, the corset diet lets you eat what you want, you will just eat less of it due to the shape of the corset.  This will shrink your stomach and stop you from over eating, Thousands of corset diet followers recommend this diet so why not give it a go?

Corsets Are More Comfortable Nowadays May 21, 2014 15:07

Corsets Have Been a Popular Fashion Choice for Centuries

Corsets have been a popular choice as a way of making women look sensational, feel feminine and a way of teasing and pleasing their partner for many many years. Some people will be put off wearing a corset as they think they may be uncomfortable, but this couldn't be further from the truth.  Although it pulls in the waist, it does not restrict your breathing and you can go about your day to day business, as well as a enjoying a night of passion. This is because corsets nowadays have been made to be comfortable, as well as flattering on the wearer. The material used is more flexible yet stronger than before, so any excess skin is now tucked into the corset is now squashed out of the garment. This new kind of fabric means breathing is not affected in any way.

Black Buttoned Corsets

What Were Corsets Used For In The Past? How Does This Compare To Today's World?

Originally corsets were used as a way of waist training and were often quite brutal!  Ladies were forced into the uncomfortable garments and the laces pulled so tight that it was incredibly uncomfortable. This was a social requirement, as that was quite simply how women were supposed to look, particularly in the Victorian age. Young girls were trained into corsets, and the thinner the waist the better.  Over the 20th century, corsets were developed to follow fashion, including white, unattractive corsets that flattened the bust and gave a woman a straight up and down look. Fortunately those days have passed and the modern corset has gone from strength to strength. With smooth curves more popular than ever, today's corsets are beautiful to look at a well as functional.

A Corset Is A Popular Fashion Item For A Dominatrix

Wearing a corset has also been popular with dominatrix's for many years, these are more restrictive than the ones generally available as they are usually made from leather or other strong material. They are often seen as an item of power and control over the male and a lot of couples use them to spice up their love life.

white corsets model

Mainstream Corsets Are Guiding The Way

More mainstream  corsets can be found in high street stores and online.  These are available in a fantastic range of colours and fabrics.  They look great as a top with jeans or under clothes, giving you a smooth appearance under whatever you are wearing as well as pulling your waist in and pushing up your cleavage. Due to their comfort you can wear the corset every day, indeed many people are doing this as they say it make them feel more confident and attractive. The better quality corsets also keep their shape as before they would mould into the ripple of extra flesh that develop when one sits down. Fortunately this problem has been addressed and most corsets nowadays are able to keep their shape and be worn again and again.

Wear Your Corset For A Night of Passion

When the clothes come off though, the corset can stay on and offer a couple a wonderful night of passion. When worn with a thong and stockings, not many men wouldn't be able to resist the women wearing them! You can check out alternatives here

Why the corset diet works so well April 11, 2014 15:06

Why the corset diet works so well

The corset has been worn for centuries and is getting more and more popular, particularly due to the slimming effect and the shape it gives you. The corset diet has taken the dieting world by storm and for good reason.  This simple yet incredibly effective diet has been used by celebrities and every day women all over the globe and has achieved amazing results.  The reason why it works so well is that it makes you feel fuller for longer and much quicker than usual.  Everyone would agree that the corset is an extremely sexy undergarment and can even be worn as a top for a glamorous, feminine look. It pulls you in at the waist, slims your hips, pushes up your cleavage and gives you a smooth shape under clothes. corset diet before and after

How does the corset diet work?

When you start the diet you will be given a special corset made for your requirements that fits your individual shape.  You put the corset on when you are eating, wearing it for around six hours a day and when you eat you will find that you feel fuller much sooner than you normally would.  This is because it constricts your stomach so less food is able to sit there meaning you eat far less.  The other enormous benefit of this corset is that you immediately look thinner, have better posture and curves in all the right places under your clothes. Furthermore, when you take the corset off your curves remain, giving you that sought after hour glass figure. Being slimmer makes you look and feel more confident, allows you to wear clothes that you want and is also good for your health. Most women aren't happy with their shape and would like to lose some weight, the corset diet helps you achieve this and the results have been well documented. Caroline The corsets come in a range of colours and designs giving you a range to choose from.  After you have completed your diet and have got that to die for figure, your corset will stay with you, providing you with a way of maintaining your weight and keep you looking feminine, desirable and sexy. When you order your corset you will provide your statistics so that the correct sized corset can be provided for you.  You can adjust the corset to fit you perfectly and keep adjusting it when the weight falls off you. It isn't a flimsy garment either, it is fantastic quality and looks amazing. Burgandy Taffeta Corset Waist Training Corset What other diet lets you look slimmer immediately, gives you curves and keeps you full?  The corset one does!  You simply will not regret the choice to buy a corset and follow the corset diet.  This is why celebrities have been raving about it, it is the only sexy diet around and actually works without changing what you eat.  The corset makes a great gift too, what woman wouldn't want to receive one? So why not place an order and start watching the weight simply fall off?   Money-back-guarantee