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Below are a few select testimonials that have been sent to us by real people. If you would like to tell us your weight loss story with The Corset Diet then please get in touch, we would love to hear it!


Dianne – "I started The Corset Diet in June 2013 and was a little bit skeptical however as they offered a money back guarantee I though ‘there’s nothing to lose’. When I received my beautiful corset I put it on and instantly felt amazing! I lost around 4LBS per week and absolutely loved the experience.

The corset was comfortable and subtle under my clothes, people were complimenting me daily and the results were just unbelievable. I have lost a total of 4 stone on The Corset Diet and I worked it out as cheaper than most other diets because I only needed 1 corset.

I have seen adverts that say “you COULD lose up to 2LBS per week at a cost of over £40.00 per week. But The Corset Diet promises a minimum of 2LBS per week and if you don’t lose that you can get your money back!"

I barely changed my daily routine but found myself eating less and thinking more about what I was eating.

I can’t recommend this diet enough!!! Just try it and see the results you feel thinner instantly and can see the weight just drop off!

  • Total weight loss- 4 stone (56LBS)
  • Average weight loss- 4LBS per week
  • Time on The Corset Diet- 14 weeks


Caroline (above) Lost over 2 Stone and has been fettered in the Daily Mail, she was on The Corset Diet for a short period of time and the weight has stayed off, she says “Wearing the corset made me finally look how I wanted to and I feel amazing


Amber (above) Lost over 4 stone during her time on The Corset Diet and says she loved every minute of it!

Claire – "I started the corset diet in April 2013, the results were unbelievable! In my first week I lost 8 pounds and I lost a further 6 in my second week. I did not change my diet at all. The corset made me feel fuller quicker and helped with my posture and composure. I cannot recommend this diet enough! It shows fast results and the weight has stayed off! Thanks so much for everything."

Christine – "The Corset Diet is amazing, I was already a fan of corsets and using this plan I saw very quick long lasting results. The corset is stunning and gave me enough comfort to move and do my normal day to day things. I lost 6lbs in week 1 and continued to lose around 4lbs per week. Try it! – it’s the only thing that has worked well for me."

Lindy – Lost 2 stone (28LBS) in 3 months on The Corset Diet

Amber – Lost 4 stone (56LBS) in 8 Months on The Corset Diet

Jessica – Lost 1 stone 5LBS (19LBS) in 6 weeks on The Corset Diet

Emily – Lost 6 Stone (84LBS) in 1 year on The Corset Diet

Jenny– “I LOVE this diet I have lost so much weight and feel so sexy doing it, i get so many compliments from my friends and colleagues and its the most fun I’ve had on a diet (and I have done them all!) The weight loss is fast and noticeable, the corset is comfortable and feels light and cool. I do not get hot while wearing it and it is extremely hard to tell that I am wearing it under my clothes. So worth doing and incredibly cheap. Unlike other diets where they appear cheap but end up being very expensive over time. I have lost over 30LBS and only spent $95 TOTAL”